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Endurance Training and racing tips Click here

(Working Class Athlete)Controversial Blogger Gary Moller published a drug-spotters guide for the Olympics Click Here

Probably the site with the most mind-blowingly fruitiest loot you will ever see. Click Here

No one loves TTing like the Poms.  This is a genuinely friendly forum full of anorak wearing trainspotters who just love to talk about “testers” and all associated things. If you don’t understand a word they are saying ask Jason Eady to translate. Click Here

If you train with a power meter, this is where you will get the good oil. Another bunch of anoraks but lots of great info. You need to have a google/gmail account to login and read. Click Here

Fixed gear fever is the place for the hardcore trackies to hang out. There are lots of kiwis and Aussies lurking on it, including some of NZ’s top coaches. Click Here