All members must volunteer at least twice in the season to manage races or to assist with marshalling or timekeeping.

1 duty between 1 August - 31 December. 1 duty between 1 January - 30 April

We use a system called DutyMan to help us manage volunteer duties. You can access it here and everyone can see an up-to-date version of the roster of who's doing which duties. Duty swaps can be organised online without having to go through a third person.

We are always keen to have new Race Managers and there's helpful information here. If you'd like to give it a try or find out more about what's involved just email Deborah here.

I have just completed my first Race managers job. I can say that it was no where near as difficult as what I thought it would be. With Debs looking after the traffic setup I was left to make sure that the event ran as planned. All marshal's turned up and from there is was easy as (Errol Mann).

For anything to do do with volunteering please contact Vicki here.


This is where you choose your Volunteer Duties. 

There's a document called "Dutyman Explained" that will give you a good idea of how to use this software





Regardless of the role you have volunteered for, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Electronic Timing System.

There are copies of these instructions in each of the equipment bags, the race managers kit & also in the van. Once we're happy everyone understands them we'll get them laminated!

There is now a document explaining it all here: