Cycling Safety / Rider Etiquette

We wrote this section to help address ongoing tensions in Whitemans Valley and Mangaroa Valley between local residents and cyclists but we think the messages it contains should apply wherever we ride.

We ask that riders consider the following points when riding to and through Whitemans Valley:
*  Ride single file when climbing and descending Blue Mountains Road, Wallaceville and Mangaroa
*  Keep left at all times when riding.
*  Move to single file through the narrow gorge section where there is no centre white line or in areas where the
    group is likely to hinder traffic movement.
*  Never ride more than 2 abreast.
*  Teach riders at the back of your bunch to call “Car Up” and signal the car to pass when safe.
*  Don’t discard your rubbish.
*  Avoid using the area as a toilet. Silverstream Village has a public toilet.
*  Be considerate of vehicle traffic and local residents.
*  Report any abusive behaviour or dangerous driving that places you and other cyclists at risk to the NZ Police