2024 Results

2024 Results available: HERE

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​​​​​​​2022 Results

Results available: HERE

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2022 Tour Photos

Tour Photos Day One thanks to Matthew Percival


Stage 2 - HERE

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Mike Van Ansem Trophy (D grade) - Danielle Thorne

Doug Mabey Trophy (E grade) - Brendan Bateup

Wayne Sowerby Trophy (F grade) - Richard Schofield

A grade: 1st  Andy Hagen, 2nd Steve Bale, 3rd Jeremy Salmond

B grade: 1st Brent Backhouse, 2nd Gav McCarthy, 3rd Oliver Ferry

C grade: 1st Richard Van Lent, 2nd Dominic Green, 3rd Simon Butler

D grade: 1st Danielle Thorne, 2nd Doug Roberts, 3rd Jenny Fildes

E grade: 1st Brendan Bateup, 2nd Ian Fraser, 3rd Rommel Reyes

F grade: 1st Richard Schofield, 2nd Clive Brugh, 3rd Liz Gasson



Capital Cycles Sprint Ace Trophy - Ian Fraser (E grade)

Mike Van Ansem Trophy (D grade) - Trevor Mallard

Doug Mabey Trophy (E grade) - Ian Fraser

Wayne Sowerby Trophy (F grade) - Judith Taylor

A grade: 1 Jack Polley, 2 Callum Kennedy, 3 Antony Nalder

B grade: 1 Tony Gestro, 2 Rob Kilvington, 3 David Finley

C grade: 1 Patrick Johnstone, 2 Simon Butler, 3 Nathan Masters

D grade: 1 Mark Bewley, 2 Gabrielle Wildbore, 3 Colin Anderson

E grade: 1 Ray Hewlett, 2 Ian Fraser, 3 Martin Robinson

F grade: 1 Judith Taylor, 2 Owen Gibson, 3 Liz Gasson

other awards:

Good Samaritan - Ben Storey (stopped to help a rider who crashed)

Over achievers - Judith Taylor & Liz Gasson

Commiserations - John Wood, Garth Stewart & Richard Schofield


Capital Cycles Sprint Ace Trophy - John Wood (F grade)

Mike Van Ansem Trophy (D grade) - Michael Detera

Doug Mabey Trophy (E grade) - Dave Grimmond

Wayne Sowerby Trophy (F grade) - Wendy Lewin

A grade: 1 Steve Bale, 2 Hubertus Buyck, 3 Stuart McIntosh

B grade: 1 Richard Henderson, 2 Oliver Ferry, 3 Richard Van Lent

C grade: 1 Patrick Johnstone, 2 Craig Forsyth, 3 Peter James

D grade: 1 Michael Detera, 2 Dianna Borman, 3 John Rowlinson

E grade: 1 Joe Clarkson, 2 Neil Henderson, 3 Dave Grimmond

F grade: 1 Wendy Lewin, 2 John Wood, 3 Marg Van Ansem

Other Awards / Recognition:

Wayne Fage - for showing us how to race effectively in a e-bike category

Doug Barrett - the accidental influencer who brought us the lead vehicle sponsorship, the Kapiti Cycling Club trailer full of signs, & who helped set up & collect the signs after 2 days of racing!